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  Governance Structure
A) Ministry of Finance (MoF) is the administrative and controlling authority of BMDF.

B) As provided in the Article of Association (AOA) of the company, BMDF has a General Body (GB) and a Board of Directors (BOD) both headed by the Chairman & Secretary, Local Govt. Division, GOB to govern and guide the activities of the Company. The General Body consists of Secretaries of the concerned ministries, Philanthropic members of the civil society and members from among the beneficiaries. The GB provides policy guidelines and directives to the company in its Annual General Meeting every year. The Board of Directors consists of Ten members including representatives from the Finance Division, IMED, Planning Commission, Bangladesh Bank, members of civil society (Persons from NGOs or civil society organizations) and three elected Mayor of ULBs, who are the members from beneficiary group. The Board of Directors controls and coordinates all activities of the Company. The BOD is also the competent authority in all major decision makings.

C) Managing Director (MD), is a full time employee, engaged by the BOD, the Chief Executive Officer of BMDF. He manages and supervises all activities done by three wings of BMDF namely (i) Finance (ii) Engineering and (iii) Administration. Finance wing is mainly responsible for determination of financial viability of fund seeking ULBs by evaluating the Appraisal Reports. It is also responsible for funding and collecting the paid-up loans in installments. It is further responsible for proper operation of BMDF fund. Engineering wing is assigned to maintain quality civil works and ensure participation of urbanities in the implementation of all ongoing projects including the issues of Social Safeguard, resettlement and environment. It is also coordinate the activities of engaged consultants in relation to quality execution and certifications of Bills. Administration wing performs all jobs of administrative nature including HRM, HRD etc.