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  Effective Project Management
Preparation of Guiding Documents for Effective Project Management
For the purpose of selection of need based, people oriented, environmentally acceptable and financially viable projects and their effective implementation thereof through transparent procurement, accountable execution and enhancement of monitoring mechanism a good number of documents have been prepared by BMD :


  • Social Impact Management Framework (SIMF) both English & Bangla
  • Procurement Risk Mitigation Framework (PRMF)
  • Financial Operation Manual
  • Quality Control Manual (QCM) both English & Bangla
  • Internal Monitoring Mechanism Guideline
  • Standard Financial and Operational Action Plan (FOAP)
  • Standard Sub-Project Appraisal Report (SPAR)    
  • Standard Bidding Documents (BD)
  • Standard Bid Evaluation Report (BER)
  • Standard Contract Agreement (CA)