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  Ensure Quality of Development Works

The Mayor of the respective ULB acts as the Project Manager of all works in his/her area. S/he is supposed to maintain all record of the implementation process of the project and financial matters. It is obligatory to engage a Management and Supervision Consultant firm as a third party team for supervision, quality control, bill checking, and recommendation for payment. BMDF makes this appointment by discussing the concerned donor(s), BMDF officials visit the sites regulary to ensure the progress of work as per the schedule and specification. The Maintenance and Supervision consultants appointed from the international market carry out simultaneous inspection of the sites to make sure that the quality of work is maintained.

BMDF is keen to let the citizens know about the kind of development projects going on in their areas. As such, leaflets are distributed in the project areas that contain information about project outline, design, commencement, and cutoff dates as well as the sources of fund, so people can know about the project under execution. Moreover, a special signboard is hung in a conspicuous site showing the project details. Comments and suggestions from the inhabitants are always welcome by the BMDF officials. Necessary measures are immediately taken to address the problem, if such is being reported by any.